May have cried fowl after we heard back at Mobile World Congress that one of the limitations of Windows Phone 7 would be that it would not support removable storage. This was so that the user didn’t have to deal with removable storage, etc. But alas! Today at the Windows Phone 7 launch event, Adam and I found that the Samsung Focus does indeed have a space for a microSD card. What’s going on here? As the AT&T rep explained, the Focus merges the 8GB internal storage with whatever is on the microSD card. When you go to buy a Focus at an AT&T store, you’ll have the option of adjusting your capacity based on your needs…meaning, if you plan on storing lots of movies on your phone, you can ask for a 32GB card and you’ll have a 40GB Samsung Focus.

Here’s the kicker: you can’t swap cards unless you want to erase all of your data and hard reset. So if you decide six months in that the 16GB microSD card you sprung for just wasn’t enough, you can indeed upgrade to a larger card, but doing so will bring you back to square one and you’ll have to reload everything.

So there you have it…Windows Phone 7, on some devices, does support removable storage.

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