A month ago we heard from Microsoft telling the world that the Windows Phone update for the 1.4 version of the Samsung Focus was out of testing and in scheduling phase. Now Microsoft is happy to announce that the update is rolling out.

It will be a cumulative update meaning it will deliver both Windows Phone 7 NoDo build 7390 as well as the security fix to patch the certificates in build 7392. If you have a 1.4 version of the Samsung Focus, connect it to your Zune client and check for an update. It should be available (or very soon) for you to upgrade.

Additionally there will be phone specific updates hitting some devices soon. These updates will improve a certain manufacturer’s devices or a single model, addressing specific issues, like battery life, call clarity and touch responsiveness, etc. Don’t be surprised to see one of these hitting your phone soon.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

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