Windows Phone 7 App Roundup – Coupons, Tunein Radio, VoiceTranslator, MegaTile, LineBirds

In this episode of the Windows Phone 7 App Roundup we demonstrate five applications in 30 seconds each. These apps will keep you entertained, help you translate using your voice, and get great deals with online coupons. To download these apps directly to your WP7 device, just click on the title of the application and the Zune software will automatically launch to the app in Marketplace. If you have the free Microsoft Tag app installed on your WP7 smartphone just snap a picture of the Tag image and the mobile Marketplace will navigate to that app.

Coupons – A free application

With Coupons you will be able to save online and in retail locations at popular businesses. View Coupons based upon which stores matter to you most. Use online coupon codes or get physical coupons that can be printed or shared.

Tunein Radio – A free application

Listen to local radio stations using your Windows Phone 7 smartphone with Tunein Radio. This app allows you to stream music, news, and other broadcasts through a data connection. The audio will run in the background so you can listen to music while the screen is locked.

VoiceTranslator – A free application

Trying to communicate with someone that speaks another language can be challenging. With VoiceTranslator you will be able to record yours and their speech and have it rendered and displayed in a text box and read aloud. Choose many different languages from around the world.

MegaTile – A trial and $0.99 full version

With MegaTile you will be able to customize your home screen tiles with your own photos. Split a photo into many sections and select each section to perform an action. The trial only allows a 2×2 square that is not able to perform actions.

LineBirds – A free application

LineBirds is a challenging endless progression game in which you control a small bird through various obstacles. Collect floating seeds to earn more points and try to beat your best score. Choose from different difficulty levels to test your skills.


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