Windows Phone 7.8 Will Bring Several WP8 Features To Some WP7 Devices

Microsoft is still in the process of launching Windows Phone 8 in San Francisco, and we’ve already confirmed some bad news, that just got solved by some good news. The rumors were strong regarding the fact that Windows Phone 8 won’t be supporting current Windows Phone 7 devices, which was a direct stab in the back for actual owners of new devices like the Lumia 900. Now that we read all the features that will be included on Windows Phone 8 devices, it makes sense for the new platform to not support legacy hardware since there aren’t any NFC chips or multi-core processors on current devices.

The good news though, is that Microsoft’s Greg Sullivan just revealed their plans to release an upgrade that will most likely be launched at the same time with Windows Phone 8 devices. Dubbed Windows Phone 7.8, this upgrade will bring all the look and feel of the new Windows Phone 8 UI, but without support for what legacy hardware obviously can’t provide. According to Sullivan,  “It’s basically bringing the core elements of Windows Phone 7.8 start experience, and UX, right to existing phones,” so the new dynamic Live-Tile UI along with other elements will make your current Lumia 900 behave like a Windows Phone 8 device, even though it isn’t.

Sullivan was sadly reluctant to provide more details on what additional features we’ll get, but this is definitely good news for current Windows Phone customers. The “Some” in the title is mainly one of our assumptions, since we don’t see WP7 Tango devices supporting the 7.8 upgrade, though I wouldn’t mind being wrong in this one. A release date would’ve been a good idea for Sullivan to share though, since this Windows Phone 8 announcement won’t spell good news for their already slow sales of current devices in the market.

Source: The Verge

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