Microsoft’s initial release of Windows Phone 7.8, while a long-overdue bone to throw loyal Windows Phone 7.5 users, wasn’t without its own problems. Not long after updates started going out, we heard about a variety of problems, not the least of which being some unwanted behavior from the system’s live tiles. Eventually, we saw Microsoft halt distribution of the update, presumably to address some of these issues, and heard Joe Belfiore acknowledge the problem and assure users that Microsoft was working on a fix. Now it seems that a new and improved Windows Phone 7.8 is ready to head out to users, upon reports arriving of the distribution of build 8860.

While we haven’t seen any official changelog, nor been able to verify if the update does, indeed fix the live tile issue, the simple fact that Microsoft is no longer holding back the update, and that this new release only shows a tiny increase in build number over the previous 8858, certainly feels like circumstantial evidence supporting the theory that this update fixes those previous WP7.8 problems.

If you’ve managed to update and were previously experiencing issues with WP7.8, let us know if 8860 manages to fix them.

Source: WPCentral

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