So far this month, we’ve heard from a handful of entities, both carriers and manufacturers alike, as to just when existing Windows Phone handsets would start seeing updates to Windows Phone 7.8; new phones have already started arriving with the software installed, and the only question remaining has been when updates would come to WP 7.5 devices. As we heard more and more, the release window started narrowing in scope, and lately we’d settled on sometime in January. While that’s currently a matter of less than two weeks, it would still be nice to know with a little more precision when to expect the first updates to arrive. Tomorrow? Next week? Now we’ve got one more voice chiming in on the situation, and if what it has to say is right, we might just be waiting until the tail-end of the month.

According to Microsoft’s Windows Phone Colombia Facebook account, the update is set to debut on January 31. That leaves open the question of when carriers will get around to making it available, as well as just which models will see the update first, but still gives us a starting point for when to be on the lookout for such updates to arrive. At the very least, we’re glad to hear some more confirmation for these January rumors, rather than get news that WP7.8 would be delayed until even farther out into Q1.

Source: Windows Phone Colombia (Facebook)
Via: GSM Arena

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