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Windows Mobile LG eXpo Packs a Pico Projector for AT&T

By Chuong Nguyen November 30, 2009, 12:47 pm

The LG eXpo is a Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional handset that looks like a beefed up version of the Monaco and also packs in a pico projector for your on the go PowerPoint Mobile presentation needs. For casual consumers, you can also project pictures and movies onto the wall.

The LG eXpo will have a full QWERTY keyboard, 1 GHz processor, and a bulge that will house the projector made by Texas Instruments. The device is expected for AT&T in the US on December 7th for the asking price of $200 after a two-year contract and rebates.

Update: LG has setup a webpage on their site for the LG eXpo, which also goes by the name LG GW820. The projector can show images up to 40-inches and the company is boasting the eXpo as the first smartphone to integrate a projector for the US market; the projector part is sold as a separate add-on, according to Brandon, who spotted the LG site information.

For more information on pico projectors, you can watch our MicroVision interview video.

The projector part will be available as an additional $180 add-on on top of the phone’s $200 asking price on contract.

(via: Engadget)

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