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Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Allegedly Ported to Non-Touchscreen Phone

By Anton D. Nagy September 27, 2010, 1:20 pm

The Samsung GT-C6625 was launched in March 2009 with nothing out of the ordinary, sporting a QVGA screen and a slow 393MHz STMicroelectronics Nomadik STn8810 processor powering Windows Mobile 6.1 (non touch-screen edition) on 128MB of RAM.

Looks like this device really came to life with a successful attempt of porting Windows Mobile 6.5.3 (Professional, that is the touch-screen version) announced on XDA Developers. Even though there is no download link yet and the project is currently limited to only two persons, there are quite a few screenshots and a video to prove the progress.

While the Samsung Valencia has all the hardware keys to navigate an operating system developed for touch-screen devices, there’s the lack of the dedicated Start button for accessing the menu but it looks like another key has been assigned to the action. Even more, there’s an application called Fake Mouse that is controlled by the D-Pad which emulates the touch-screen behaviour for things you need to touch in order to operate the platform.

Check out the video below in case you are wondering how Windows Mobile 6.5.3 would behave on such specs:

Do you have a non touch-screen device you’d like to see Windows Mobile Professional ported to? Do you believe that such porting is useful? Tell us your thoughts!

(Via: XDA Developers)

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