Nokia saw the need for an optimal optical option in the smartphone market and decided to take apart each step of the picture process for a mobile device. It had the optics; all the optics. But while you can have a nice glass and rack some cool bokeh, it means nothing without translation, without the camera app.

The Lumia Camera app, now known as Windows Camera, was the ace in Nokia’s second sleeve with some versatile lightroom techniques and creative after effects. But while there was major emphasis on stills, the video suite was shorter-stacked in features.

Turns out Nokia-acquirer Microsoft had taken a shot at a stabilized time-lapse feature that it made available to everyone. But it’s still committed to exclusive, Lumia-based camera features, too.

If you have a Lumia with a can-do camera and a pretty good processor, you can now pull the opposite of a time-lapse: 120 frames per second video at 720p. Slow-motion video is available on your Windows Camera viewfinder by tapping on the turtle icon. You can edit playback speed in review, too.

Right now, only Lumia 930, 1520 or Icon devices with the Windows 10 Mobile Insider preview have access to this feature. And yes, do expect kinks with these feature trials.

While don’t know what other Lumias will get this camera update, the hope is always on expansion.

Source: Windows Central

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