Windows 8 Could Have Phone Features Too

Long Zheng has noticed some interesting references to telephony features in Windows 8, both via the Microsoft Build session on live tiles and a Windows 8 App demo on Winrumors. You’ll notice a live tile that shows missed calls, another that shows text messages, and in the contact’s card you’ll see options to text or call the person you’re looking at. There’s also evidence that the prototype Samsung Slate PC that was given to developers at the Build conference includes a 3G chip with voice calling capabilities as opposed to just data. The radio supports quad-band 2G and peta-band 3G.

This type of integration could point to Windows 8 tablets performing double duty as mobile phones. However, I kind of hope the integration is more of a wireless connection to a separate smaller Windows Phone 7 device. I would love to be able to respond to text messages from a large-screen Windows 8 PC interface while my phone and its SIM card are just sitting on the desk nearby or in a pocket. Being able to initiate a call from the PC instead of having to pick up my mobile phone and use its small-screen interface to make a call would be pretty neat too. Ideally both scenarios would be supported by Windows 8.

Source: iStartedSomething

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