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Windows 11 layouts helps you be more productive

By Roland Udvarlaki June 24, 2021, 11:26 am
Windows 11 Snap Layouts and Desktops

Microsoft has just announced the next version of Windows called Windows 11. The new operating system comes with a lot of new features and a brand new look. The new OS also focuses on productive features that lets you get more work done faster.

In previous versions of Windows, you had to manually change the size of each, and every single window that you had open. You could’ve used the keyboard shortcuts, or downloaded third party software, but that often needed more work, or had a new learning curve to it. Today, Microsoft has announced new “Snap Layouts” that should help with managing a number of open windows and let you lay them out nicely, hence the name.

Windows 11 Snap Layout

In Windows 11, you can simply hover your mouse over the maximize button and the “Snap Navigator” will automatically pop-up, showing you different layouts and sizes you can select from. Once you’ve made your decision, the window will auto-snap to the selection, hence making your life easier, and your desktop a lot tidier. There’s also “Snap Groups” that will show up in the taskbar, displaying what’s currently grouped together.,

Additionally, when you disconnect from a monitor that you’ve been working on, Windows 11 will save the monitor setup and save it to the taskbar. When you are finally ready to get back to your desk, the setup will be fully restored upon connecting back to your monitor.

As for multi-monitor support, Windows 11 will have a much better and completely reworked feature in place. It will allow you to set up different desktops based on whether you’re working, you’re in the office or you’re at home. There will be new features that will let you stay organised.

What do you think of the new snapping and window management features? Let us know in the comments!

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