Windows 10X

In 2019, Microsoft unveiled the Windows 10x, a new version of the traditional Windows OS tailor-made for the foldable dual-screen PCs such as the Surface Neo. Fast forward to 2021, and we have no traces of the new Windows in the market. In fact, it is being reported that Microsoft has shut the program.

According to a report from Petri, Microsoft has “shifted resources to Windows 10 and 10X is on the back burner.” Hence, it seems like Windows 10x has been shelved even before arrival. The OS was pushed down a different path in May 2020, when Microsoft announced that Windows 10X would first arrive on single-screen PCs as opposed to dual-screen foldables it was announced for in 2019.

Customers were not looking for a solution that Windows 10X would solve, what they want are Windows 10X features brought to Windows 10. The benefit of Windows 10 is the flexibility that it provides, 10X worked against that narrative and the decision was made to put the OS on the backburner,” wrote the publication.

However, as months passed, plans changed. And it looks like as we head towards Spring 2021, the plans regarding Windows 10X are changing for one last time as the company is reported to have shifted resources and put its plans on hold making Windows 10x dead before arrival.

Microsoft has had a history of trying to come up with ‘light’ variants of its Windows operating system. The company tried it with Windows RT, which was the Windows 8-era OS optimized for ARM processors. Later, it also put it hands in Windows 10S, which tried to tone down Windows functionality for low-ppower devices. None of these experiments saw any success, and both of them were quickly shelved. Now, Windows 10X seems to be on the same path of destiny.

It is said that Microsoft is planning a major overhaul of its Windows 10 operating system. It could announce some updates at its Build conference later this month. There might be a chance that we hear about the fate of Windows 10X or we might see Microsoft implying some of the 10X features to its Windows 10.

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