Official Windows 10 ROM for Xiaomi Mi 4 with LTE now available to download

Could Xiaomi succeed where Samsung, HTC or LG failed? Is Microsoft’s seemingly random partnership with one of China’s top mobile risers a sign of a Windows Phone resurgence to come? It’s clearly way too early to answer that, but if you want to join the two companies’ Win 10 Mobile-powered Mi 4 experiment, you can now officially sign up and try out an Android alternative.

A stable, fully polished, bug-free alternative with live tiles instead of widgets, that is, although Xiaomi warns its users a few “unpredicted” software flaws are still possible, advising caution and great consideration before flashing.

Of course, if anything goes wrong or you simply decide MIUI trumps Windows 10, switching back to the Android-based ROM is easy as pie. To install the “experimental” OS, just head over to the source link below on Xiaomi’s proprietary UI forums, or register to the Microsoft Insider program, where your feedback on how to further improve Windows Mobile will always be taken into consideration.

Next up, Redmond should deliver Android replacements for the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, which begs the obvious question about the upcoming Mi 5 flagship: will the Snapdragon 820 powerhouse run Marshmallow and Win 10 off the bat, taking a page from the Mi Pad 2’s playbook? For the sake of global mobile platform diversity, we sure hope so.

Oh, right, one more thing: only flash the just-released ROM on LTE-capable Xiaomi Mi 4 configurations. Windows 10 Mobile for the 3G-limited model is a no-no, at least for the time being.

Sources: MIUI Forum, Gizmochina

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