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Microsoft confirms Windows 10 S to become “mode” from 2019

By Jules Wang March 8, 2018, 7:26 pm

Microsoft’s vice president for Windows 10, Joe Belfiore, has confirmed that Windows 10 S will fall away from existing as a dedicated iteration of Windows 10.

Instead, he told MacWorld senior editor Mark Hachman on Twitter that it will be converted into “a ‘mode’ of existing versions.”

Thurrott and Neowin earlier reported on a Bug Bash quest that indicated an extension of the already existing “S Mode” from Windows 10 Enterprise into the Home and Pro version. A conversion from Windows 10 Home S to Home would be free while the jump from Pro S to Pro would be $49 as it had previously been. Enterprise users would see an undefined change in pricing.

Engadget makes note that the “S” concept of a restricted operating environment with optimized applications makes sense for some — presumably for those in education or enterprise who would be also considering a Chromebook — pointing out that 60 percent of third-party S computers stuck with the software, but of those who switched, about 60 percent of those made the decision almost immediately. But just as well, Windows 10 S has not been counted in many market metric reports as its own category of operating system.

Microsoft might be better off carving out the potential of every computer to be an “S” computer if need be in its product strategy.

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