As much as we love the opportunity to preview the future of Windows 10 for phones, the first two builds haven’t necessarily proven to be very popular. Still, the promise of a brighter future emerged with some recent leaks that demoed the really cool aesthetic enhancements that are coming to the platform very soon. Given the build difference between the leaks and what we have today, we thought the wait would take a while, but it seems we might just find some luck this week.

Reports claim that we should expect Windows 10 for phones build 10072 (officially titled 10.0.12555.74) to be launched this week. Among the changes, one of the coolest ones is a transparency slider for Live Tiles, something that would allow users to apply pretty much any photo as a wallpaper, and then use the slider to help ensure that the contents of the tiles won’t be affected by the image selected. Other options follow up with previous rumors, where the color options for live tiles increases from the existing 21, to a whopping 48. We also hear that users will be given the option to test Microsoft’s new universal Office apps like Word and PowerPoint as well, something that we also caught in some Microsoft promises earlier.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more whenever the new preview arrives.

Source: IT Home
Via: Windows Central

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