Microsoft enables Windows 10 on Android-powered Xiaomi Mi4

The Xiaomi Mi4 is an Android phone, in case you didn’t know. And, judging by our own tests and conclusions, it’s a pretty good Android phone. That, until Microsoft decided to work on a ROM that will allow Mi4 users to boot into Windows 10. Before anyone reads more into it, Xiaomi emphasized that this is not a partnership, but more like the OEM offering assistance to Microsoft with the trial.

While there are no details about the software being trialled, TechCrunch believes, based on its sources, that the Microsoft ROM allows users to bypass Android and boot into a fully working version of Windows 10, complete with Microsoft services, basically turning the Mi4 into a Windows Phone.

We’ve already seen the same hardware being capable of running both Android and Windows Phone, with the HTC One M8, but this is something different. Whether we’ll see this certain Microsoft ROM available for other devices as well is yet unknown. However, here’s the statement detailing some of the aspects:

“As part of the Windows Insider Program, Microsoft will partner with Xiaomi to offer Windows 10 free downloads to a select group of Xiaomi Mi4 users. Xiaomi Mi4 users will get the ability to flash their phones with the new Windows 10 OS and provide feedback to Xiaomi and Microsoft on their experience. This partnership will allow Xiaomi and Microsoft to get direct user feedback and continue to improve the experience for China. Microsoft is thrilled to see Xiaomi embracing Windows 10 and offering this great value to their customers. We’re excited to see the feedback we receive from this audience.

Xiaomi is a leading phone manufacturer in China undergoing significant global expansion. We are excited to partner with them in China and jointly gather feedback from Chinese users on their experience with Windows 10 to jointly collaborate on product and services development for the platform.

Availability will be announced in the months to come.”

Source: TechCrunch

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