Windows 10 Mobile exceeds Windows Phone 8 usage, Nokia Lumia 520 remains most popular device

For a mobile OS iteration that’s been struggling with various bugs and stability issues essentially since its very inception, putting off updates of devices running on older builds more than once, Windows 10 is sure enjoying a healthy growth within its otherwise modest ecosystem.

Practically tied with Windows Phone 8.0 for second place in worldwide version popularity last month, W10M surged an additional 0.7 percent between late December and now, while the 8.0 rendition dropped 0.4 percent.

That brings the freshest platform flavor very close to a 10 percent piece of the pie, at 9.5, ahead of WP8’s 8.4 percent share by more than a full percentage point. Obviously, 8.1 remains the undisputed king of the hill, at 77.7 percent, down 0.1 from last month, but set to considerably shrink only when Redmond properly kicks off Windows 10 Mobile upgrades for previous-generation Lumias.

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Speaking of, Microsoft won’t be happy to hear the ancient Nokia Lumia 520 continues to lead the device usage chart, followed by the late 2014-released Lumia 535 and early 2014-dispatched Lumia 630. The 2015 Lumia 640 is by far the trendiest Windows-powered handheld, jumping a cool 1 percent in global demand in just 30 days.

Meanwhile, the brand new Lumia 950, 950 XL and 550 are nowhere to be found in the top ten model list, which might be a consequence of their low production yields or simply poor mainstream acclaim.

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In the US, the two year-old or so Nokia Lumia 635 rules the hardware ranks, with the Lumia 640 in second place, and Lumia 521 a distant third. Finally, it’s worth noting BLU is now the fourth best Windows mobile OEM, behind Nokia/Microsoft, HTC and Samsung, but ahead of Huawei.

Source: Windows Central

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