Windows 10 Mobile transition slow, but happening with OS share at 14 percent

The faster the word “Phone” fades and the word “Mobile” brightens, the better off Microsoft will be. But it’s gonna be a long, long, long run.

AdDuplex has issued a new report for Windows device statistics for this month and it says that while Windows Phone 8.1 still makes up about 77 percent of the ecosystem, Windows 10 Mobile’s stance at 14 percent represents accelerated growth from previous months.

“Last month the growth doubled from 0.5% to 1%. This month it more than doubled again,” AdDuplex reported.

Within the Windows 10 subgroup, 52 percent are already on the Anniversary update. It’s way faster than the 20 percent take-up rate for iOS 9 in about a two-day span. We’ll have to see if two-month numbers work out better for Windows.

Splitting things down by device, the Lumia 535 and 520 remain the most popular devices globally for Windows Phone at a combined 22.7 percent. The Lumia 640 is next at 9.8 percent. Other devices outside of the top ten make up 33.1 percent of the total.

On the Windows 10 side, it’s the Lumia 550 topping the charts at 12.9 percent with the Lumia 640 close behind at 12.7 percent and the Lumia 535 at 12.2 percent. The fourth-place Lumia 640 XL also scores into the double digits with 10.9 percent share. Other devices grab 21.8 percent of the pie.

The source link goes further into the list and provides stats for the desktop OS transition.

Source: AdDuplex
Via: MSPoweruser

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