Update: We’re currently reviewing the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL running Build 105386.29. Because our target audience is made mostly of general consumers, our device review policy restricts us from trying beta or developer versions. That includes 105386.36, which supposedly fixes these problems. We’ll update this post if we’re able to update one of Lumia 950 units on Insider or when an official release of .36 gets out.

We’ve been lamenting how Windows 10 Mobile still feels so beta, even though Microsoft’s said “see you latah.” If you’ve listened in to our Pocketnow Weekly podcast, you can really feel the frustration coming to a pulp, especially when our own Michael Fisher has to deal with the Windows 10 Mobile Store. So, we’re going on to put this down on paper on the web, sorry — to keep track of this story.

While Pocketnow is currently reviewing the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, the applications experience is consistent with the one on the Lumia 950.

Often, the Store believes that your phone will have a certain app installed when you clearly do not have it installed. There’s no option to uninstall the nonexistent apps. Downloadable apps and app updates have often timed out while downloading or are in perpetual “Pending” status, — waiting to be downloaded because another item is taking up the process, but stays in that status and does not trigger a download.

Software and Store updates have not fixed the issues.

Our Adam Doud advised 9to5Google associate Dom Esposito on similar problems. Both been able to resolve these issues by performing a hard reset on his Lumia 950, but as he noted, that is not an ideal solution.

How’s your new Lumia running Windows 10 Mobile holding up? Have you had download problems? Were those temporary issues for you? Let us know in the comments.

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