Yes, Windows 10 Mobile takes up at least 5GB storage space

It was only a couple of days ago that Microsoft silently updated a Windows 10 support webpage to contain a key piece of information according to which 8GB of internal memory will be “required” for Lumia smartphones to run the operating system’s mobile flavor.

In case you didn’t get the memo, or chose to ignore it, hoping it’d turn out to be an innocent typo, Redmond is back with clarification on the matter. A separate section on the company’s website, dedicated to Lumia storage, spells out exactly why Windows 10 Mobile needs 8GB storage space.

It’s simple, really, and it’s what we assumed right off the bat. Namely, “pre-installed software and apps use a significant amount of the internal memory space on your Lumia.” As such, handhelds that technically offer 8GB will let you stock music, photos, videos, and other content on just a 3GB partition.

Hence, the Win 10 Mobile system files occupy 5GB, so it’s physically impossible for the 4GB Lumia 530 to fully support the OS, as you can’t install it on an attached microSD card. The highly anticipated sequel to the lukewarmly received Windows Phone 8.1 apparently seizes even more room on 16 and 32GB Lumias – 6 and 7 gigs respectively. But that’s clearly not as tragic as the condition of older, lower-end members of the device family.

On the other hand, it’s probably best not to give up all hope, 4GB Windows Phone owners, as Microsoft could still devise a set of lighter software enhancements based on the platform’s version 10.

Source: Microsoft

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