At some point we’re going to stop talking about Windows 10 for a brief moment and share with you some news that’s happening on other major platforms. But today is very much Microsoft’s time to shine as Windows 10 makes its formal PC debut, and that’s just got everyone’s heads spinning with all manner of Windows-related material. We just spent a little time talking about plans for the ultimate release of Windows 10 Mobile, and now we’re picking up some further details about both Microsoft’s hardware and software intentions, thanks to a new interview with the company’s Terry Myerson.

Discussing the company’s future with smartphones, Myerson (above) talks about concentrating on a limited number of premium devices, confirms plans for at least one such model later this year, and suggests that there’s even the possibility that we could see two of them arrive.

He also alludes to Microsoft working to have “one Microsoft device family” that extends across the company’s ecosystem, and while he doesn’t go so far as to confirm that means something like a Surface phone, the implication may still be there.

Finally, in terms of software Myerson describes Windows 10 Mobile as “significantly feature complete” and describes ongoing development work as largely about bug-fixes and polishing things up. While there could be a few new surprises between now and release, all the big pieces are apparently already in place.

Source: The Verge
Via: Windows Central

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