Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update should start rolling out early next week

We interrupt our ongoing Galaxy Note 7 coverage with an important message for restless supporters of a different smartphone platform. The world’s third most popular mobile operating system is still (barely) alive and kicking, with its first so-called “feature update” ready to head out to the masses shortly after the desktop iteration.

Granted, the hope (and promise) was Windows 10-powered PCs, tablets, Xbox Ones and phones could get the Anniversary Update simultaneously, starting yesterday, August 2. But a week isn’t such an excruciatingly long time to wait for owners of select Lumia devices, as well as a few Acers, BLUs, an Alcatel and so on.

While not exactly etched in stone, the August 9 deployment date has been confirmed by at least one official regional branch of Microsoft’s mobile division, in India on Twitter. A much vaguer “in the coming weeks” ETA was initially mentioned on the global Windows blog when announcing the beginning of the desktop festivities, so it’s probably wise to remain patient until the end of the month.

Even if the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update kicks off its rollout next Tuesday, it may only hit a limited number of phones at first in just a handful of countries, with subsequent waves gradually spreading the love to everyone everywhere.

Sources: Windows Blogs, Twitter
Via: Neowin

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