Microsoft confirms Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update will start to roll out August 2

With Windows 10 Mobile not exactly Redmond’s main area of interest these days, but the software and hardware giant nonetheless committed to supplying timely updates for both beta testers and the Lumia-owning masses, we couldn’t shake the feeling of absolute confusion regarding the upcoming Anniversary rollout.

Known as Redstone 1 on the inside, this is the operating system’s second major makeover, set to finally follow in the footsteps of “Threshold 2” by the end of summer, at least on Windows 10 PCs. An explicit August 2 launch date became official a couple of days ago, though Microsoft was in no hurry to answer our phone-related questions.

Luckily, Dona Sarkar, a veteran software engineer with the company that recently took over from Gabriel Aul as the new head of the Insider Program, spilled the beans on Twitter, responding to a concerned W10M user in a refreshingly candid way.

Apparently, the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update will start to roll out exactly a month from tomorrow as well, taking “some time” to reach all eligible devices as “there are a *lot* of machines globally to update.” She must have been referring to Anniversary-ready “machines” on the whole, though, PCs included, which currently total “over” 350 million copies.

Source: Windows Central

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