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Windows 10 Mobile bug allows Lumia to run Android, at least briefly

By Jaime Rivera September 28, 2015, 8:44 pm

Windows 10 Mobile is not just a new version of Windows Phone for new and existing devices, but also a minor paradigm shift in the way Microsoft does things. In the past the struggle to find developers for the platform was clear, but now Microsoft’s approach has shifted to allowing Android apps to run on its new mobile OS. If that statement gave you a brief smile while imagining a Lumia running Android, well there seems to be proof to that, at least briefly.

A recent video was published showing a Lumia 830 running Android 5.0.2 after a bug was discovered in the Android runtime that makes running Android apps possible on Windows 10 mobile. The only sad part is that we wished the hackers would’ve never revealed this, as Microsoft is apparently already working on a fix that will squash the bug. The video is still available, and it the existence of this bug would’ve given some extra light to the use of Windows 10 Mobile, even though we know the quirks involved.

Windows 10 Mobile is reportedly almost set for a final launch in the next few weeks, but then again, that’s what we also heard a few weeks ago.

Source: WMPU

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