Microsoft confirms Windows 10 Mobile upgrade RAM requirement: no 512MB phones

Yesterday, Microsoft started making good on an old promise as it began distributing public updates for old Windows Phone 8.1 handsets that would bring them into the world of Windows 10 Mobile. It was a big deal to see this day finally arrive, sure, but not everyone was so happy. After all, while a bunch of popular WP8.1 phones made the list of phones receiving the update, there were plenty missing – including models that had previously been included as part of Microsoft’s Insider Preview program. The company talked vaguely about excluding certain models such that their updates didn’t have a negative “impact on the customer experience,” but what was Microsoft basing this decision on? You may have been able to draw some inferences yourself from the list of ultimately approved phones, but lest there be any room for conclusion, Microsoft’s making itself clear: phones with 512MB of RAM won’t get Windows 10 Mobile.

Until recently, Microsoft included a bunch of 512MB RAM models in its list of phones eligible for the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview, phones like the Lumia 520 and Lumia 630 – both with just 512MB of RAM.

Now, not only are those models not on the list of devices getting public Windows 10 updates, but they’ve been removed from the Insider Preview list, too.

Microsoft briefly explains itself on Twitter, clarifying that “we do not have plans to put W10M on devices with 512 MB,” and going on to say that “users with 512MB RAM devices said the W10 experience didn’t meet expecations [sic].”

To its credit, Microsoft at least tried to make W10M work on 512MB RAM phones, and didn’t exclude them from Insider testing until it gave them a chance to show what they could do. That doesn’t make us much happier about their fate, but at least they had a shot.

Source: Microsoft (Twitter)
Via: Windows Central

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