Surface Book, Pro 4 and Pro 3-using Windows Insiders should probably avoid Build 14279

We know, we know, you’re as eager as always to try out ahead of everyone else all the new things Microsoft is experimenting with Windows 10. That’s why it’s called a Technical Preview, but perhaps you should skip one particular Fast Ring release.

At least put it off a few days if you were thinking of installing it on a Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 or Pro 3. There are just too many risks this time around, as Redmond’s own Corporate VP of Engineering Systems, Gabe Aul, acknowledges “some” of the above mentioned devices experience “a freeze or hang” once updated to Windows 10.0.14279.

The issue is of course being investigated, and a fix can’t be far away on the horizon, but for the time being, the only “workaround” is a hard reboot. You know, holding down the power button and praying the keyboard, trackpad and touchscreen will function normally as soon as the 2-in-1 laptop restarts. Even for beta testers and hardcore tinkerers willing to take risks and endure glitches every day, that has to be too much trouble.

On the bright side, build 14279 brings Cortana in more languages to the table, including Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil) and French (Canada). Also, an “updated logon experience”, performance and Candidate improvements in Japanese IME, and various new Cortana reminders.

Finally, if you don’t use a semi-recent Surface or understand what you’re exposing yourself to and want to do it anyway, rejoice at hearing a bunch of old bugs are now all ironed out. Roaming profiles no longer crash Microsoft Edge and Cortana, completed Cortana reminders will go away, and bluescreen failures caused by downloading “certain” drivers are no more.

Source: Windows Blogs

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