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Windows 10 places renewed emphasis on gaming and entertainment

By Stephen Schenck January 21, 2015, 1:17 pm

Between Windows Phone apps, PC software, and its various Xbox consoles, Microsoft knows a thing or two about gaming. With Windows 10, the company’s commitment to gaming and online entertainment continues, and at its event this afternoon the company is sharing what it intends to do differently with its next platform update.

As you’ve likely picked up on by now, connectivity between devices is king for Windows 10, and that extends to gaming. Social interactions are getting a priority, and that even means cross-device chat, with PC users talking to those on mobile devices and vice versa.

Like watching videos of your friends playing their games? Windows 10 will build screen-capture DVR capabilities right into the OS, making it easy to capture and share clips.

DirectX 12 is coming, and lower-level hardware access promises to eke out some serious performance increases for developers taking advantage of it – to the tune of up to fifty percent.

Multiplayer titles will support gameplay across device types, with Xbox One users playing live with PC and tablet gamers – and that confirms that Xbox One will indeed run Windows 10, rather than something more watered-down and console-specific.

Source: Microsoft

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