This week we’ve heard reports of a possible foldable Surface tablet Microsoft might be working on for 2020, but a patent application has been uncovered describing a different Microsoft foldable device. The application refers to a Windows 10 foldable, and the illustrations, as well as the patent, seems to be focusing mostly on the hinge, which resembles the one on the Surface Book.

Filed in December 2017, and published on June 27, 2019, the patent talks about a tablet that would fold in half, as the illustrations show. The two display elements are connected via an exoskeletal hinge segment, secured to the first portion, and a second exoskeletal hinge segment, secured to the second portion.

The first exoskeletal hinge segment can define an arcuate tab that travels in an arcuate cavity defined by the second exoskeletal hinge segment to allow relative rotation between the first and second portions — Microsoft

Microsoft is confident that, by employing this particular hinge mechanism, it will “solve a technical problem of maintaining the flexible display in a neutral environment throughout the range of rotation of the first and second portions“. You can find the patent application at the source link below.

Windows 10 foldable device

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