The Windows Phone handset codenamed McLaren isn’t happening; despite all the effort put into its rumored “3D Touch” interface, Microsoft has apparently moved on from those hardware plans. But to hear a new report, aspects of the phone’s software may survive and make their influence felt in the forthcoming release of Windows 10. One such feature is tipped to involve Live Tiles, and could offer a new “exploding,” “flyover tile” experience, developed under the name Mixview.

While specifics about the implementation may easily change between now and when Windows 10 for phones starts making its presence felt, the idea is that you could tap a Live Tile to trigger an eruption of sorts that would expand the initial tile into a swarm of new tiles, each displaying content from the app. Tapping elsewhere on the screen would collapse things back down.

It all sounds like a nice compromise between not overly cluttering Live Tiles with too much data, while also not necessarily requiring users to jump all the way into an app when looking to get more information than a single tile provides. And if you do end up needing to move into an app proper, these individual Mixview tiles would offer a shortcut to jumping straight to the part of the app you need.

We’re sure that would have looked really cool when paired with finger-hover-detection like on the canceled McLaren hardware, but even with on-screen taps driving this interaction, it’s still something we’re eagerly looking to try out for ourselves.

Source: Windows Central

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