Windows 10 Creators Update officially coming ‘early 2017’ with 3D creation focus

According to Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group, Terry Myerson, at a currently ongoing New York City press event, there are over 400 million people around the world already using the platform’s build 10 just 15 months after its initial manufacturing release.

Since July 2015, Windows 10 only got one semi-major makeover in both desktop and mobile incarnations, dubbed simply the Anniversary Update, with the so-called “Redstone 2” rumored for a spring 2017 rollout for a while now.

Of course, this will actually ship to Windows 10 devices for free sometime “early” next year under a different moniker, made official in NYC mere minutes ago. Meet the Windows 10 Creators Update, centered on creating, sharing, and experiencing 3D and mixed reality.

How? Well, many of the specifics unsurprisingly remain under wraps, though Paint 3D is certainly one of the most important PC highlights in the pipeline. That’s right, a 3D version of the good old Microsoft graphics app, enabling “each and every person on the planet to achieve more.”

The aim is apparently making 3D creation as simple as taking a photo or recording a video on the go with one’s phone, those same pics easily getting their backgrounds removed and replaced in Paint 3D. You can replace them with 3D-scanned objects, combine virtual concoctions in endless ways, and just all-around have fun like never before.

Outside of Paint 3D, Microsoft will let you design your own personal emojis, then share them on social networks, and other apps, such as PowerPoint, also have 3D integration in the cards.

HP, Dell, Lenovo, ASUS and Acer have all signed on to make VR headset accessories in time for the Creators Update. They will all have six-degree-of-freedom sensors and can work with Windows 10 PC of most spec grades. They start at just $299. We’ll learn more about the headsets from the OEMs in future posts.

Jules Wang contributed to this post.

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