Windows 10 Cloud is the codename of Microsoft’s Chromebook counteroffensive effort

Far from beloved by the dwindling PC-devoted masses, Chromebooks continue to boldly take on Windows laptops and convertible tablets, as well as iPads, in the slowly but steadily growing education segment.

With Google more focused than ever on nurturing the Chrome OS ecosystem, enhancing its versatility, and basically absorbing Android’s big-screen strengths, it’s really no wonder Microsoft plans a counteroffensive of sorts.

Codenamed Windows 10 Cloud, the simplified operating system Redmond doesn’t want to talk about just yet sounds awfully familiar after a couple of unauthorized online information spills. Think of it as a late sequel to Windows RT no one asked for. Or something similar to Windows 8.1 with Bing that hardware manufacturers can get on the cheap (or even free) to load onto low-end, low-cost Chromebook slayers.

Not the worst idea… in theory, with a rumored limitation to Windows Store apps and services (again, familiar) feeling like a potential deal breaker for many, even on the tightest budgets. But just because RT flopped so hard, it doesn’t mean this Windows 10 Cloud (again, a simple codename) will suffer the same fate.

Let’s wait until spring, when it’s expected to officially break cover alongside Windows 10’s Creators Update, to see the marketing focus, the actual hardware supporting the streamlined OS, and any other selling points insiders might be missing for now. By the way, the cloud is apparently not going to be one of them.

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