The bit about initial Lumia 950 and 950 XL demand outstripping supply and taking the blame for the odd inventory issues of various European retailers predictably made the headlines yesterday, but Microsoft’s lengthy new Windows 10-centric blog post contained many other interesting nuggets of information.

First and foremost, the adoption rate of the wildly successful desktop OS continues to easily exceed those of iterations 7 and 8, at 200 million “monthly active devices” already. The 100-million milestone was reportedly achieved back in October, just a couple of months after Win 10’s commercial dispatch, so the excitement has toned down a bit, though there’s really nothing to worry about.

As far as non-mobile hardware sales are concerned, the Xbox One, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book apparently generated very “strong demand” and an “incredible holiday” in terms of global engagement and shipment numbers.

Unfortunately, as usual, MS stops short of revealing actual box-office figures, instead essentially confirming rumors of Q1 production ramp-ups. The “ultimate” Windows 10 laptop has recently seen daylight in China and Hong Kong, and will next take Austria, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Japan by storm in the coming weeks.

Also in a matter of weeks, India-based 2-in-1 fans are to receive their highly anticipated first shot at ordering the slightly lower-end Surface Pro 4. In other news, the Microsoft Edge browser is slowly gaining traction, with over 44.5 billion minutes spent in it during the past 30 days, while the revamped Windows Store has posted big gains in holiday revenue, despite all too frequent glitches.

Source: Windows Blogs

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