Will Motorola’s Droid Bionic end up like HTC’s Droid Incredible and find itself getting a follow-up model on Verizon? A leaked screenshot suggests that’s a possibility, but there might be another explanation.

Asurion is a company that offers Verizon subscribers the opportunity to purchase some insurance for their phones, covering against things like loss and damage. When users go to sign-up for the coverage, the site presents a long drop-down menu listing all the phone and tablet options available for whatever manufacturer they’re looking at. Under Motorola, right below the Droid Bionic, the site lists a Droid Bionic 2.

Before we go thinking that Verizon has plans to introduce such a phone, the guys over at Droid-life offer a pretty plausible-sounding alternate explanation, noting that the “2” could simply designate a new configuration for the phone, which in this case would be the Bionic without its 16GB microSD card. That sounds good when you look at the rest of the list, noticing how phones with differing storage options are listed separately. Still, even if that’s true, there’s something a little odd about Asurion not using a more descriptive label for the model; for now, we’re just not sure what to think.

Source: Asurion

Via: Droid-life

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