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Will the OnePlus 8 Pro finally feature wireless charging?

By Anton D. Nagy January 23, 2020, 8:00 am
OnePlus 8 Pro

To refresh your memory, here’s a chronological rundown of what OnePlus CEO thought about wireless charing: in 2017, OnePlus said it would consider wireless charing “when the time was right”; in 2018, wireless charging was considered a compromise, and its adoption depends on when the technology improves; last year, in 2019, Pete Lau considered wireless charging a “far inferior” technology, and the company omitted it from the OnePlus 7.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, things might turn around for the OnePlus 8. A mysterious tweet suggests that you will be able to “charge like a pro”, hinting that some sort of wireless charging might be in the cards for the OnePlus 8 Pro (possibly even the 8).

While the author of the tweet mentions that this is just an illustration, OnePlus is really lagging behind other companies when it comes to one feature that is most convenient on Android smartphones. Speed is no longer an excuse, as companies like HUAWEI are now wirelessly charing using 27W technology.

We’ll keep an ear to the ground and let you know as soon as we find out more.

Source: Twitter

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