Will Samsung reveal Galaxy S9 at MWC 2018 instead?

There were hints that the Galaxy S9 would have its earliest reveal that the series had ever seen — at CES in January. The company unofficially walked those hints back, saying that one of the big factors going into this “delay” has to do with the fingerprint sensor. Just this week, Synaptics slipped stronger hints that the Galaxy S9 would be the first to have its new advanced sensor design.

And now, reporting from The Bell in Korea claims that Samsung will pre-empt MWC 2018 with an event in Barcelona on February 27, one day before the convention. The company has not attempted a pre-trade show event for a while now, tracing things back to the Galaxy S7 reveal.

But it’s not necessarily about any design constraints as analysts say that Samsung wanted to deflect Apple and iPhone X sales with a new Galaxy S model. The numbers show, though, that the Galaxy S8 series is still performing well at this stage, so the chaebol decided to lay off pushing a full-on retail launch in January.

What do you think this supposed strategy shift? Real or fake? Needed or no?

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