Dell’s Venue Pro feels almost like the sickly child amongst the first-wave of Windows Phone siblings. Its launch got off to a pretty rocky start, and an update aimed at fixing many of its software woes didn’t drop until mid-way through 2011. The latest trial to face the DVP came with Mango’s arrival on the scene, where the update included broken support for the hardware’s digital compass. Now, Dell’s finally speaking out about the compass, and what it has to say doesn’t sound like very good news.

Dell’s Chief Blogger Lionel Menchaca recently responded to a Twitter message inquiring about the arrival of Mango for the DVP, and specifically asking about fixing the compass problem. Menchaca replied about the update still not being ready for the DVP on AT&T, adding, almost as a second thought, “the compass function will not be supported.”

Now, we could either read that as explaining that a compass fix won’t be a component of that particular release, or that Dell’s decided that the DVP’s compass is dead in the water. The latter is a pretty harsh analysis of Menchaca’s tweet, but considering how easy it would have been for him to amend “…for now” to his statement, and avoid any ambiguity, we’ve got a bad feeling Dell has given up on the sensor.

Source: Dell

Via: WPCentral

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