Back in the day, all the cool kids had a Nintendo Entertainment System — or an Atari, but those guys were weird. As time passed, gaming consoles got more powerful, more popular, and more competitive. Sega, Sony, Nintendo, and even Microsoft were vying for the top position.

Nintendo Entertainment System

Then something changed.

Cell phones started getting “smarter”. Soon they we were able to install “programs” on them, which eventually became known as “apps”. App stores came into being. Developers started writing more complex programs.

Instead of kids (and their dads) wanting the latest and greatest consoles, they started getting the latest and greatest smartphones. Games started arriving. Then they got more advanced. Today’s game “apps” look every bit as good as high-end games on high-end consoles.

Google TVAbout this time Google released Google TV, and Android-powered box that you hook up to your big-screen. It’s got the same “Android Market” on it that smartphones and tablets do.

Then something else happened: Google renamed their “Market” to the “Play Store”. That sounds awfully “gamey”, wouldn’t you say?

Imagine for a moment, a Google TV in your living room. While watching your favorite sitcom you see an ad that Night of the Zombie Apocalypse 3 was just released. You hop over to the Google Play Store, purchase, download, and install the app. In minutes you’re playing. Your show can wait.

What’s more, you’re using your Android-powered smartphone as the controller. Your screen serves as a console displaying your health, ammo, and a radar screen with the proximity of the nearest undead. You move around by tilting your phone forward and back, and turn by rotating it clockwise and counterclockwise. It even serves as an augmented reality portal to look through walls, inspect injured people for signs of the virus, and as a GPS-style navigation device to get you through the city.

Your PS3 and XBOX sit idly in the corner. You haven’t even turned them on in weeks. The Wii? That’s for the kids, but lately they’ve been more interested in Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds Space HD on the big screen.

Night of the Zombie Apocalypse 3 for Android doesn’t exist today, but the technology is there, the games are arriving, and the distribution model is much easier than going down to the game store at midnight to pick up the latest title on disc.

Will Android replace your game console? I think it’s already under way.

Image Credits: Nintendo, Google, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

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