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Wileyfox Swift updated with Cyanogen-less Android 7.1.1

By Jules Wang April 11, 2017, 1:34 pm

As Cyanogen splits apart into a community lineage project and a commercial project with a name that rhymes with a certain beverage, it’s left smartphone manufacturers scrambling for answers to where their next software update will take them.

One such company relying on Cyanogen OS was the UK’s Wileyfox, which has promised an Android Nougat-based operating system to every device owner across all of its models. Well, the company is routing back to the straight-from-Google path with the latest security patch and a new “FoxHole” launcher for the Swift series.

Jonathan Morris of jmcomms.com wrote that his Swift 2 X got a 1.4GB update to Android 7.1.1. The launcher interface is close to stock, if a bit orange to fit the Wileyfox aesthetic. There’s a some level of customization going on as the status bar can be adjusted to show different icons, but a lot of other features like the audio F/X manager and other nitty-gritty system settings are gone. The company has also introduced a Zen newsfeed that also includes ads — you can activate it at your own will.

Wileyfox Storm users should look forward to this update in May while Spark users will see the update come in June. It’s a bit of a skip from the original first quarter timeline for this update, but hey, we didn’t think Cyanogen would collapse in on itself the way that it did.

Images: Jonathan Morris

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