Why is the ASUS ZenFone 5z priced at $1,999? Someone forgot to update the site

This is well past the time for placeholder text, especially if it’s something as ridiculous, but just only barely conceivable for a brand that may have grandiose images of itself.

ASUS has posted a vanity page for the ZenFone 5z, its first device with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. At the top is a starting price of $1,999. Did we mention that this is on the company’s United States site? Okay, what’s going on?

Well, it turns out we have a case of designers failing to update all the assets on the webpage. With all due respect to our colleagues at Engadget, no site should have a monopoly on pull-quote attribution. Also, there’s a carousel of thumbnails that link to YouTube videos. All that text, all those pictures and all those videos link back to… ZenFone 3. You know, the big phone from 2016.

Sure, all the feature profiles like the “AI Mobile Experience” and “Zenmoji” are visibly intact and follow the same marketing design style as with other ZenFone 5 releases, but come on, this whole module on critical reception was placed above all that. Why is this stuff still not updated?

Users at the site can sign up to get notified of when the 5z will be available — and hopefully, by the time that does happen, the correct price.

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