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Why Girls Don’t Like Gadgets

By JennaGonzalez September 12, 2008, 2:01 am

So, about a month ago, I was sitting at a trendy little café in Greenwich. Listening to my Honduran friend Jaime attempt to deliver a soulful Spanish ballad over the phone. As I sat there, sipping my gorgeous café au lait, viewing the world through my rose colored Gucci's and listening to the soundtrack in my ear, I couldn't help but notice all these well to do men walking around with their mobile devices, staring intently at their phones while being led around blindly by these women in their fancy Manolo Blahnik shoes, Hermes purses and shopping bags. I thought to myself, I never did notice that before but it is quite strange. Then Jaime popped the question. No, not that kind of question! But he said, "Jenna, ever wonder why guys are just so much more into the coolest new gadgets than women are?";...Interesting question.


That night, I came home and thought about it as I looked through the early Fall catalogues and magazines. Jaime's right. How come women just aren't into gadgets (and mobile devices to be specific) as the men of our world are? So I put the thought on hold and started running myself a sparkling grapefruit bubble bath with Dead Sea salts and pomegranate extracts. As the water filled up the tub, it started to turn a faint shade of pink. Sweet, soft, smooth, sexy, girly...PINK! Oh my! It was so clear and obvious to me. Why couldn't I figure this out earlier? Women, ok, aren't as much into high tech mobile devices as men are because...we are just built that way!

Think about it. From the very time a baby is born, society is already telling it what to wear, what to like, what to be. But most importantly, and sadly enough, what NOT to be. Girls are all about the pink. Boys are all about the blue. As toddlers, girls get to ride the little ponies and boys are encouraged to play with action figures sprinkled with a little parent-approved violence. As grade-schoolers, girls are groomed to be more demure, given easy-bake ovens and Potty-training-Kelly dolls to dress and feed. While boys are introduced to rough play, contact sports, the importance of team camaraderie, the hum of an engine, and daddy's cool gadgets. Make sense so far? If not, stay with me.

As teenagers, that silent invisible gender separation guideline is even more enforced. Girls start to be all about the glamour, the shopping, the hunky bad boys on TV. Their most important teen priorities are homecoming, prom, sweet sixteen's and statistically doing better than boys in school. Young men on the other hand...they've grown a bit too. But in a very different way. They're all about the coming of age, the social stud ranking, their "crew";, the rebellion, etc. Their main priorities are getting their driver's license, owning a cool vehicle, toying with danger, flirting with girls and getting as much...anyway, lets move on shall we.

Skip the college years. We know what happens there. Instead, let's fast forward to adult men and women who have careers, responsibilities, perhaps starting or have families. Let's look at what women's lifestyles are as opposed to the men. Women, single or married are nurturers. Generally speaking, we tend to take care of things that concern the household, bills, kids, patients, etc. We like romantic comedies, sappy TV shows and love songs. We use our cellphones to call and order pizza, check on the kids, chat with our girl pals and text message friends. We do not mean to choose form over function, nor are we incapable of running a Windows Mobile application. Instead, we are simply ok with a "regular"; albeit pretty looking cellphone that does what phones are meant to do. And that is to keep us in touch with the people we care about. Men in general are the opposite. The yin to our yang. They will always like fast cars, crazy stereo speakers, contact sports, action movies, blazing computers and yes, complicated powerful mobile devices. In the same pride he found working the gears of his father's old car, he enjoys the complexity and the achievement of learning and navigating a complicated mobile device.

Now I'm not saying that there aren't men and women who cross the stereotypes, because there are. I am after all, one of them. Women who were lucky enough to have strong role models growing up. Women who love being pink frou frou girly girls but aren't shy to drive that fiery Mustang. With every generation, there is also a growing number of men who have taken on the traditionally "female"; responsibilities. Men who love florals, do yoga, sport pink, actually cook (and not just grill). Men who love to organize, design, watch sappy movies and are ok with your traditional flip-phone. I am merely speaking in a general sense, that's all.

From an early age, women are groomed to be the caretakers of the world. Call us strong, responsible superwomen who clean up everything, work long hrs, take care of kids and save the world. So we just like to spend every rare bit of free time shopping for ridiculous things you men will never understand. We love getting dolled up and pampering ourselves. And yes, when we need something, we turn to you. Men, on the other hand are taught that the greatest achievement in life (even the American dream) is to have a family, be a protector, have a good if not successful job. He is raised with the core values that make him want to be a dependable man. A good provider. A hero. He always drives, he lifts the heavy stuff, he does the yard work, he fixes all the broken stuff, he drinks beer and sweats like a pig because he's earned it! And yes, in the precious moments he has to himself, he loves his crazy gadgets! She is a "let's think about this carefully and talk about it over and over again"; personality. He is a no nonsense, straight to the point, "I don't see why everything has to be so dramatic"; problem solver. And folks, that's just how the pancake falls on the plate.

So I turn the smooth jazz on the Bose sound dock...I light the half dozen soft citrus candles surrounding my tub, and slip into my sweet, warm bubble bath. I look over at my seriously complicated HTC Mogul, decked in thousands of tiny sparkling Swarovski crystals...And I smile to myself. "Most women may never understand you"; I whisper to it "Oh but you're such a sexy little boy toy to me..."; This is Jenna reporting for pocketnow.com. Have you taken a bath today?

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