White iPhone 4 And 64GB Models Appear In Pictures

The White iPhone 4 has been subject to many delays from Apple’s part and also surrounded by a cornucopia of rumors but the latest ones talk about a Spring 2011 launch — with an even bolder mentioning a February 27 release.

One of the main reasons for the delay was the problem Apple was facing in evenly and consistently painting the iPhone 4 to white. The smartphone has glass on both its front and back which make it difficult for paint to adhere in an even and consistent color flavor. Nevertheless, pictures of a fully assembled white iPhone 4 have emerged in China together with full production boxes, meaning that Apple might have finally found a work around the issue and getting ready to release it to the masses.

On the same note, pictures of a 64GB iPhone 4 have surfaced from the Hong Kong market. These models are prototypes with the XXGB markings at the back, testifying for the fact that Apple was at least considering a larger capacity variant. It must have been dropped due to high manufacturing costs but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a larger capacity iPhone 5 in the future.

Anyone fancy a White 64GB iPhone 4 maybe?



Source: Sina, Unwire

Via: Electronista

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