White HP Veer 4G Pictured for AT&T (Images)

It looks like the HP Veer 4G, a.k.a. Palm Veer, will be coming to AT&T — as suspected — in the currently-popular shade of white. So far, we’ve only seen Veer in all black — in fact, this would be the first white webOS device, period, to our knowledge. Actually, like most “white” handsets these days, this one looks to be more of a two-tone; thanks to a recent interview featuring Apple’s Phil Schiller and Steve Jobs, we now know that there are several challenges in building a phone with a white face, including sensors not functioning properly.

Veer, with its 800MHz processor and petite 2.6-inch, 400 x 320 resolution screen, is officially launching early next week, meaning that a release should be coming in short order. It’s not totally clear what version of webOS Veer will be running when it ships: some sources say 2.2, while others 2.1, and we’ve even seen evidence that webOS 2.3 may be powering the same-generation Pre 3 at its summer debut.

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