google search china

The topic of Google and its Chinese Search efforts is a controversial one. Ever since the information first popped up, there was a lot of general pushback. According to the reports, Google’s Dragonfly app would tie searches to phone numbers. This would help identify individuals based on their search queries, in addition to using black and whitelists to reinforce censorship.

Probably the biggest pushback arrived yesterday from the White House. Vice President Mike Pence called on Google to immediately end developing a mobile search app in China. Said app would only strengthen the Communist Party censorship.

In a speech at the Hudson Institute, Pence said: “For example, Google should immediately end development of the Dragonfly app that will strengthen Communist Party censorship and compromise the privacy of Chinese customers”. Google did not officially confirm its Chinese Search plans, or that the Dragonfly app is in the works or even exists. You can hit up the source link to find out some other political details about the US-China situation.

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