White Google Pixel, Pixel XL leak in Mr. Postblurrycam pics

White? Not after Labor Day. You probably have to name it “aluminium”.

That’s the call that rumormongers have made on some fashion choices that the HTC-made Google Pixel phones could take. Blue, black, then this “aluminium.”

Someone has both the 5-inch Pixel (right) and the 5.5-inch Pixel XL (left) in real life, both showing off what prior renders have already told us. Well, they show off only a few things. While the original photos may have been clear as a bell, there’s been a liberal application of blurring to obscure any identifying labels.

Back and center is the fingerprint sensor. The top-mounted camera equipment bay strings left to right with the LED collective, the actual sensor and a bunch of ports that may contain the focus-assisting laser, a microphone and one more port. On the bottom, there’s one clean antenna band that leads us to believe that the bottom is just an HTC One A9. The blurring has made it impossible to tell if there’s a “glossy top half” as we’ve seen on renders of black Pixels.

The front panels don’t have much that stands out other than the selfie camera, one speaker/earpiece and a very apparent proximity sensor. The bottom portion may contain HTC or Google branding, but we guess we’ll have to wait and see what’s actually there.

Wait until the “bright blue” color comes around… better yet, wait until October 4 for the Pixels to clear up.

Source: Android Police

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