RIM, to its credit, likes giving its customers plenty of personalization options when it comes to its smartphones. The BlackBerry Curve 3G, for example, comes in colors ranging from a muted gray to fuchsia pink. These days, though, it seems like a nice, clean white phone is all the rage (thanks in no small part to the hype over the long-delayed white iPhone 4), and the Curve 3G isn’t about to be left behind from this trend. We’ve managed to spot a 9300-series BlackBerry with a full white makeover, apparently headed for Canadian carrier Koodo.

This model is very similar to past white BlackBerry Curves, like we’ve seen for the 8520. This time around, though, RIM is going with a strict black-and-white color scheme, eschewing even the gray halftone used on some of the white 8520’s keys. The result makes for a very sharp, crisp-looking handset.

So far, the only evidence we’ve found for this white Curve 3G is with the no-contract-required Canadian carrier Koodo, which already has the standard CDMA Curve 3G in its stable. Assuming this phone actually makes it to retail, we’ll likely see other carriers pick it up, including Koodo parent Telus. As for now, we’re not aware of the details of any plans to launch the white Curve 3G, but any interested carrier would be smart to do so before the BlackBerry OS 7-running models start arriving, stealing some of the thunder from this past generation.

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