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Which Windows Mobile Phones Run Android?

By Brandon Miniman August 8, 2010, 10:54 am

Windows Mobile continues to be a highly versatile platform not only in the level of customizations that can be achieved through registry tweaks and ROM swaps, but also in its ability to run other operating systems through the haret Linux bootloader. In the past we’ve shown you Android running on the Touch Pro2, Touch Diamond2, and HD2, and we’ve shown you Ubuntu running on the Touch Pro2. But what about other devices? Here’s a run down of which devices can run Android (and if we missed any, please drop a comment!). Some run Android so well that you could probably use the the operating system full time, while others are still very much in beta mode. Note that generally, the instructions for getting into Android on your Windows Phone is the same:

1. Load the files to your storage card

2. Run haret.exe and wait about 2 minutes

3. To get back to Windows Mobile, soft reset your phone

HTC Elf (Touch GSM)

HTC Vogue (Touch CDMA, Verizon/Sprint Touch)

HTC Kaiser (AT&T Tilt, TyTN II)

HTC Touch Diamond

HTC Blackstone (Touch HD)

HTC Raphael (Touch Pro)

HTC Jade (Touch 3G)

HTC Topaz (Touch Diamond2)

HTC Rhodium (Touch Pro2, AT&T Tilt 2)

HTC Leo (HD2)

Samsung Omnia II

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1

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