Which phones are Galaxy Note 7 owners going to?

One analaytics firm has been tracking the decline of Samsung’s prestige all along the way of the Galaxy Note 7’s explosions, recalls and decline — served to customers in a flame-retardant box.

As we’ve begun to enter a phase of dissolution for one subset of the smartphone market, Branding Brand is trying to see where these reluctant customers will crystallize.

In a survey of 1,000 Samsung smartphone owners — not necessarily Note 7 owners — taken between October 11 and 12, 40 percent of respondents said that they would not buy another phone Samsung. That’s up from 34 percent from another survey taken a week after the US government initially recalled the device on September 15.

So, which phones are Samsung owners getting from here? Well, in the survey published September 23, 34 percent claimed they would migrate over to the iPhone while just 57 percent said they’ll stay within the Android family. Today’s results find that only 30 percent will go iOS while the “remain” side notches up to 62 percent.

From the entire survey, 8 percent say they will acquire a Google Pixel — that’s some brand awareness awakening going on there.

Source: Branding Brand
Via: TechCrunch


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