A while back, Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak said about Windows Phone that “I’m kinda shocked how every screen is much more beautiful.” So we thought it would be fun to look at a few popular iOS apps and how their Windows Phone counterparts compare in the looks department. The difference in which is more beautiful has a lot to do with the design philosophies of each platform and most of the apps tend to conform to those policies. Apple’s iOS app language generally keeps all the app content on one screen with square buttons along the bottom to navigate between sections while kinetic scrolling is offered for longer vertical lists. iOS tends to maintain a lot of the clutter of a legacy desktop operating system as well with it’s persistent top row of signal strength, battery level, and time. The advantage to these types of design conventions is that all of the phone related information is always visible no matter what and also within the apps, all of the available sections are also always available for you to access whether you need them or not.

Microsoft took Windows Phone in a completely different direction design wise and you see it in the apps. Most of the Windows Phone apps are designed as little full screen windows to a larger panoramic layout of app functions and artwork. The advantage to this design style is that you don’t need to take up screen space with navigation buttons within the app. Everything is within the layout, you just have to pan along to find it, but you’ve got a maximum amount of space for the content and art.

Take a look at the gallery of photos below to see some comparison photos between a number of popular apps on iOS and their counterparts on Windows Phone.  Which do you like better?

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