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Where to buy the AirTags, how much are they, and when do they go on sale?

By Nadeem Sarwar May 8, 2021, 6:00 pm
What devices are AirTag compatible with

AirTags – the long-delayed object tracker bearing the Apple logo – are finally here. If you’ve been waiting for the first round of first impressions and reviews from the tech expert community, the reception has been positive so far. But there’s a big caveat – you must already be a part of the Apple ecosystem to use them, and to take advantage of their best feature, you must have the latest iPhone in your pocket. If you’ve ticked those two boxes, here’s everything you need to know about where to buy AirTags, how much they cost, and more.

How much do the AirTags cost?

White Apple airtags

The AirTags are priced at $29 each. However, if you’re looking to pick up more than one unit, you should check out the 4-pack bundle that costs $99, which will save you around 30%. Just in case you’re wondering, they only come in a single white color option. Does Apple have more color options in the pipeline? We don’t know yet.

When do they go on sale?

Apple airtag in red keychain holder

The AirTags are now widely available from Apple as well as authorized third-party sellers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, to name a few. You no longer have to go through the hassle of placing a pre-order and impatiently waiting for them to ship. If you think online deliveries will take time to reach your doorstep, you can pick one up from your nearby Target or Walmart store. 


Where to buy the AirTags?

Apple airtag in blue keychain holder

Before we go through a list of places where you can buy the AirTags from, there’s something you should know about customization. If you buy the AirTags from Apple, the company will let you engrave your name or an emoji on the AirTags at no additional cost. This facility is not available from any other points of purchase. 

where to buy airtags Apple

Apple AirTags at Amazon

Amazon currently has listed both the single and 4-pack bundles of the AirTags. You can pair the object tracker with a 3-year protection plan that costs three bucks, while the 2-year protection plan will set you back by a couple of dollars.

where to buy airtags Apple

Apple AirTags at Best Buy

At the moment, Best Buy has listed the AirTags for sale at $29 a pop, while the 4-pack bundle costs $99. Best Buy offers a 15-day return and exchange period in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

where to buy airtags Apple

Apple AirTags at B&H Photo Video

At the time of writing this, there is a limited stock of AirTags available at B&H Photo Video, but you can still go ahead and place the pre-order. You can also pick up a wide range of accessories from the outlet at discounted rates right now.

Are you wondering why you should get a new iPhone model, such as the iPhone 12, to make the most of AirTags? Well, that’s because the iPhone 12 series phones come with the U1 chip that is required for the AirTags’ Precision Finding feature to work. Intrigued by the iPhone 12? Here’s our iPhone 12 review.

View iPhone 12 at Amazon


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