I receive random photos, videos, and a lot of memes on WhatsApp. My media is filed with random The Office and Pikachu GIFs I receive from my friends. As a reviewer, I change phones often, and installing WhatsApp on the new phone is a frustrating experience since there is no way to exit the 3GB media background download. The WhatsApp media piles up and eats a significant amount of storage. I have tried to clean up but it is a pain to go through all of them. However, the company is now introducing a storage manager, and I couldn’t be happier.

WhatsApp has started rolling out a new storage management tool worldwide. It makes the cleanup easier by helping you identify, select, and bulk delete files. The new tool conveniently groups together large files and media that’s been forwarded many times so you can easily select them and mass delete multiple items quickly. Moreover, you can sort files by size in descending order, and decide which ones you need to delete first. It also shows you a preview of the media you have saved. It can be accessed by going to Settings > Storage and data > Manage storage.

If you are anything like me, WhatsApp’s new feature is going to be very helpful. It can particularly be used to delete media from your parents’ phones who have auto-download enabled for their files and receive all kinds of media. For instance, I spend at least 30 minutes every month sitting with my mom and deleting the nonsense stuff that isn’t required to be stored. Now, I’ll just have to go to the new tool to do the work, which translates to 30 minutes more of me finding memes on Reddit to send to my friends.

I’ve been associated with the tech industry since 2014 when I built my first blog. I’ve worked with Digit, one of India’s largest tech publications. As of now, I’m working as a News Editor at Pocketnow, where I get paid to use and write about cutting-edge tech. You can reach out to me at [email protected]
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